Saharan Dust Cloud: Get Your Camera Ready

It appears that the Saharan dust cloud has at last wandered our way.  The plume is presently advancing across Texas and the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys.

The stream of Saharan dust making a right turn across the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico into Texas and the Mississippi valley.  The leading edge can be seen over Ohio approaching western Pennsylvania.  During its long journey, the dry air in the plume has become too diluted to have much impact on the formation of convective clouds.  (CIRA/NOAA image)
A dense segment of the plume can be seen pushing into clear air over Tennessee and the southern Appalachian Mountains.  (CIRA/NOAA image)

Be sure to get outside and have a look at the sunsets and sunrises in the coming days.  They just might be a photo-worthy spectacle!

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