Three Mile Island Anniversary Cancelled

The remains of the Three Mile Island Unit-2 reactor building (right) and cooling towers (left) on September 20, 2019, the day the neighboring Unit-1 reactor was shut down for the final time, thus ending nuclear power generation at the site.

To avoid any theft of the limelight from the country’s miscreants who are currently using the year’s most worrisome virus strain , SARS-CoV-2, as a cover for wealth realignment and self-promotion, this week’s 41st anniversary observance of the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island has been cancelled.  The planned community reenactment festivities will not be held this year.

We will not be recreating the run on the stores or the hoarding of toilet paper, ammunition, food, booze, smokes, prophylactics, and pet treats.  Though not sanctioned by the official event, undocumented pharmaceutical distributors will still be vending product to the self-medicated at the usual locations, reminiscent of 1979 commerce.

The Friday night disco get-together featuring authentic vintage 8-track tape music is called off, which of course means that commemorative T.M.I.-2 anniversary t-shirts will not be available for sale this year.  If you were thinking of attending, be assured that you can find audio of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” on the internet and play it three times just like it would have been repeated at the dance.  You can find other event favorites online too, including the Trammps’ “Disco Inferno”.

The annual “evacuation excursion” to the mountains of Pennsylvania led by the gasoline and gunpowder gang to terrorize the countryside with four-wheel drive trucks, all-terrain vehicles, fireworks, and random weapon discharges is scrubbed.  The traditional trash burning in the fire pit on Saturday afternoon and weenie roast scheduled for Saturday night are nixed.  Regular participants will have to inhale and ingest their dose of dioxins somewhere else this year.

The consortium of local college drama clubs will not be presenting their popular horror play “It’s Gonna Blow Up”, featuring authentic rumors and supposition from actual news media reports about the 1979 accident.  Mock briefings featuring posturing politicians trying to patronize their donors without endangering their reelection prospects will not be held and have been eliminated from the slate of activities—they seem too familiar to be of any interest.  A slapstick comedy interpretation of bureaucrats trying to assume authoritarian power to implement an emergency plan that never existed has been postponed until a future event.

Speakers due to share their insights at this year’s gathering have been asked to return next time.  We’re pleased that each has agreed.  It’s a splendid roster of advocates both for and against nuclear energy, each of whom has shamelessly abandoned their integrity to sustain a do-nothing career that protects them from ever breaking into a sweat.  As usual, these appearances will be scheduled as the final feature of the weekend to assure a prompt dispersal of the crowd.

We hope to see you all sometime soon.  In the meantime, please remember to use the euphemism “essential workers” when referring to the expendable labor that is out there protecting public health and assuring that everyone can keep shopping.  We as a nation would hate for them to realize their worth—they may expect to be better compensated.

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